Beautiful on the outside and the inside

While it’s true that all the foods we manufacture only use the freshest, most natural ingredients, those ingredients need the perfect package.

With NaturPakPet it’s the packaging that preserves the nutrition, freshness, and taste of our wet pet foods. That’s because we utilize a new, innovative food packaging technology to protect all of the inherent goodness of our stews and pates. Tetra Recart™—from global packaging leader Tetra Pak®—comes the world’s first carton-based retortable food package enabling it to hold shelf-stable pet foods.

The square shape of the Tetra Recart™ package allows for a shorter retort process. Prolonged exposure to heat robs foods of nutrients and taste, which is why many of us humans have noticed that foods like soups and vegetables taste better from a carton than a can. Our furry friends also prefer the same freshness and taste from pet foods packaged in cartons.

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