NaturPak Pet is a contract pet food manufacturer based in the beautiful Mid-Western United States; we design and manufacture complete and balanced wet pet food products using fresh and whole food ingredients for dogs and cats and, we package our products in sustainable Tetra Pak cartons using a re-cart system.

Whole Food Ingredients

At NaturPak Pet, we source our ingredients as close to our production facility as possible. We pack our recipes with colourful vegetables and hearty meats and we make meals that animal lovers can feel great about feeding to their cat or dog.

Environmentally Sustainable

Pet owners don’t just love their pets, they also love the planet. To meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging, NaturPak Pet offers the ultimate in green packaging – recyclable, BPA-free Tetra Pak cartons for its premium wet pet food. Tetra Pak containers have among the lowest carbon footprint of all non-reusable packaging systems.

Pet Nutrition Expertise

We have expertise on our team to develop complete and balanced stews and pates for dogs and cats which your customers can feed exclusively or, use as a tasty topper. We are experts in palatability and, we have a variety of options available that we would be love to discuss with you.

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